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Dance Film 

And I am also... 

Live Performance 

Meet The Team

In light of the 2020 summer BLM protest, Charray produced and performed two new works: “Black” and “And I am Also…” in which she used not only as a form of healing, but also as a form of research and investigation of her identity as a Black woman. These works attempt to grasp the duality of both indignation and acceptance, power and fragility, and passion and delicacy that she has found to be a part of her authentic blackness. Each piece is a vulnerable ongoing explorative experience from within that is shared with the viewer as an attempt to communicate the introspective journey of just one black woman, yet that many black women share. Charray brings a light of hope that her identity as such will no longer be a part of negative stereotypes or labels, but explicitly as a multidimensional Black woman. This piece is an in-depth representation and artistic display that begins to address and destroy the mold that has suffocated the Black community for centuries. These works are just the beginning steps out of the boxes we [Black women] have been confined to, into a life of rightful liberation. 

Victor "V.J." Lopez
Videographer, Black

Lorin Dent
Lighting Designer, Black

Katie Leaman
Audio, Black

Daniel Lopez
Audio Assistant/ Grip, Black

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