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The Peace, Love, and Dance Project (PLD Project) was established in 2020 by founder Indya Childs. The organization originated in Atlanta, Ga in response to the many difficult events that were arising in the U.S. including the murders of Black Americans due to police brutality, the COVID-19 pandemic, performing artists out of work, and more. The PLD Project launched a nationwide social media call of action to dancers to spread unity through movement.  

"An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times." Nina Simone

Our Mission

Our Mission

"We Elevate. We Collaborate.

We are

Artists Supporting Artists." 


The PLD Project aims to create a safe space for artists to create intentional work that  brings awareness to important societal topics through conversation, dance, film, art, and more.



Joshua Cleveland

T'Shauna Henry

Dwayne Young

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